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Technology Help

The 24-hour Technology Help service desk offers fast, friendly technology help to the University of Minnesota. 

Call 612-301-4357 (1-HELP)

Visit one of our Twin Cities walk-in locations

Center of Excellence for HIPAA data 

Clinical Application/location issues: 
612-626-5100 option 3

7:30 a.m. - 6 p.m. Monday through Friday

Beginning July 11, 2016, all Academic Health Center (AHC) staff will begin using the University’s Technology Help (1-HELP) service as their first point of contact for technology issues and requests. To enable AHC-IS staff to manage the Center of Excellence, our partners at Technology Help will begin providing the AHC community with technology help. AHC-IS computer support specialists will continue to answer more specialized technology help questions and field support will continue to provide in-person help to their current departments. All requests for IT assistance should be directed to Technology Help for coordination.

What this means for AHC employees

  • For the fastest response, call or chat with a Technology Help agent. Your information will be recorded and the agent will attempt to resolve your issue. If the agent
    is unable to resolve your issue immediately, you will be transferred to an experienced AHC-IS staff member who will work with you to find a solution.
  • For technology-related questions, Technology Help will be available to you 24/7 by phone (1-HELP) and email ( Additional contact options include chat and walk-in locations.

  • For questions and help requests regarding AHC classrooms and clinical issues, you may continue to use 6-5100.

Please note: regardless of which telephone number you dial, the professionals at both numbers are trained to get you to the right help as quickly as possible.  

Request services

When you call 1-help (1-4357) or the helpline (612-626-5100), please be prepared to provide:

  • your name,
  • telephone number,
  • the device number of the computer,
  • and a brief description of the problem or request.

Your issue is recorded and tracked in Service Now (login required). If escalated to AHC-IS your ticket will also be tracked in "ITASCA"  (Issue Tracking And System Control Application) system (login required).

Option 1 for classroom support
In addition to resolving computer related issues, we work closely with AHC Classroom Services to ensure AHC classroom technology is up-to-date and operational. AHC-IS assists in fielding calls for classroom support and provides backup support to AHC Classroom Services technicians.

Option 2 for computer support
Calls will route to Technology Help which will triage and assist with Tier 1 related issues. If the issue requires escalation Tier 2, AHC-IS will be conferenced in and will assist the you. If a Field technician needs to be dispatched, an AHC-IS Desktop Technician will coordinate with you. 

Option 3 for Clinical Applications support

AHC-IS works closely with Fairview and MHealth to ensure University users are able to access Fairview/MHealth system.  AHC-IS processes access requests to the Fairview/MHealth system and will coordinate with Fairview/MHealth IT to resolve issues.

Foreseeable events such as new equipment orders, network printer moves, computer moves, and operation system upgrades, will be entered as Projects and scheduled with the customer.

The tech answering the helpline will tell you the following information before ending the call:
    •    The issue number
    •    The status of the issue
    •    Which tech is assigned to
    •    When you can expect a call or visit
    •    Instructions to call back and reference the issue number if you have not been contacted within the specified period of time.

Response time policy and examples

AHC-IS response time to a helpline call is as follows: #3001E AHC-IS Workstation Support Standards


  • Machine not booting
  • No Network connection
  • Unable to log into a workstation

Notifcation: Tech automatically paged / ITASCA issue created.

Contact: Customer contact within 15 minutes, on site within 2 hours.


  • Computer has virus
  • Can’t print to any printer 
  • Can’t log into server
  • Critical application not working

Notifcation: Tech automatically paged / ITASCA issue created.

Contact: Customer contact within 2 hours, on site within 4 working hours.


  • New Employee setup
  • Software configuration
  • E-mail change

Notifcation: ITASCA issue created

Contact: Customer contact within 8 hours, on site within 16 working hours.


  • No immediate impact to productivity

Notifcation: ITASCA issue created

Contact: Customer contact within 8 hours

Other AHC-IS Computer Support Services

  • Assist with purchasing and installation of new hardware and software. Our knowledgeable staff can get you up and running with a new computer system, or help you add on devices and software to your existing system. Please review our Purchasing Policy and fill out the Request for Purchase Form to request computer, software, or hardware purchases.
  • Initiate all warranty repairs on hardware ordered through our office. Warranty information will be tracked through our support database
  • Help with hand-held computer devices but makes no commitment as to the ability to support or maintain the vast array of devices that are available for purchase.
  • The AHC-IS currently is testing compliance and security with the new Apple macOS (Sierra) to meet HIPAA standards.  Sierra will be available on new AHC-IS supported computers in early November.  Upgrade options will follow.