AHC-IS Request for Service Forms

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Use these web forms to request services from AHC-IS

Data/File Server Access Request
Add/modify/delete server access for an individual.
This form should be submitted whenever someone joins or leaves your department, or when someone needs modification to their current server access.

Request to Terminate Support

Remove a machine from AHC-IS support.

The device no longer applies to the University wide Securing Private Data policy which states:

“Units are responsible to have appropriately supervised professional technical support staffing sufficient to maintain information security.”

To see applicable reasons a device may be removed from support, review the Request to Terminate Support form. If after reviewing the form you have questions whether or not a device(s) can be removed from support please contact:

Jon Harper
AHC-IS Workstation Field Support Manager

Fairview Clinical Applications Request
Request access, modification of access or removal of access to the Fairview EPIC system, i.e. Securegateway from an AHC supported device. Fairview VPN is available only Radiologist and Otolaryngology (iSite and MPV). Those requesting access to Fairview clinical systems primarily for research purposes should request access through Fairview Research Administration. Users must have approval through the Non-Fairview Employed Research Staff (NERS) process before entering these systems. Please see their website or contact research@fairview.org with any questions.

Collaborative Account Request
Request a new collaborative account or to request modifications to an existing account.
A collaborative account is a single Active Directory account ID/password used by multiple individuals to obtain access to an AHC-IS supported workstation or server. AHC-IS will determine whether a collaborative account is appropriate for each particular request.

Add Existing Computer to Support
AHC-wide policy states that all computer purchases should be made directly through AHC-IS (via the Request for Purchase form). However, in the case of an exception, the new Add Existing Computer to Support form is used to request that an existing University-owned computer be added to AHC-IS support.

Request for Purchase
Request the purchase of computers, hardware, or software with University funds.
This form features three purchase options: Standard Build Computer, Custom Order Computer, and Other Peripherals. Flash drive and printer recommendations found in the AHC-IS Hardware Recommendations document will help you select the right option for your needs.

AHC-IS Hardware Recommendations
This page features recommended flash drives, printers, etc, and will help you select the right hardware option for your needs.

AHC-IS Server Add/Change Request
Request new servers or changes to existing servers and new hosted servers.