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AHC Facilities and Capital Planning

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AHC Facilities and Capital Planning
Boynton Health Service 5th floor (various offices)
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AHC Office of Facilities and Capital Planning
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The Academic Health Center (AHC) Office of Facilities and Capital Planning was created in 1997 with the unique mission of developing a collaborative service model across multiple facility service and capital planning units that would support the AHC's mission in teaching, research, and clinical services. These collaborations help individual schools and AHC interdisciplinary centers more effectively use their space and facilities while maximizing institutional and collegiate resources and, most importantly, delivering the work of the Academic Health Center. 

We work in close partnership with University of Minnesota departments: Facilities Management, Capital Planning and Project Management, and Office of Classroom Management.

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Strategic facility planning

AHC district-wide planning to match growth in research, education and clinical services.

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Capital project planning and programming

Planning, programming and interior design services to AHC schools, colleges and programs. These projects include new buildings, renovating outdated laboratories, updating ineffective office layouts and leasing space for expanded services.

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Space management

Space Management oversees the annual Space and Occupancy Survey and maintains an ongoing list of space requests, space resources and detailed occupancy and use data.

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AHC Classroom Services

The AHC Classroom Services unit coordinates scheduling, maintenance, security and technology of 45 rooms on both the Minneapolis and St. Paul campuses.

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Research Building Management Services

Research Building Management Services (RBMS) provides optimal building operation, building security and services to occupants within eight buildings on the Twin Cities campus.