Fairview EPIC upgrade/Citrix receiver update

AHC-IS has been in communication with Fairview regarding the pending upgrade to the EPIC system.  The version of the Citrix Receiver 14.3.100 that is currently deployed to all AHC-IS supported systems will work with the EPIC upgrade after this weekend. 

As a precaution to this AHC-IS will make available the Citrix Workspace tool to install from Software Center this evening 12/7/2018 to accommodate any issues a user may have with the old Citrix Receiver 14.3.100.

Fairview IT has confirmed that 14.3.100 will still work after the EPIC upgrade.

If a customer has any issues with EPIC access direct the user to open Software Center and select the Citrix Workspace installation then try again.

If prompted to install Citrix from Securegateway or EPIC always select already installed under the download button.


"Loyal Companions" highlights interprofessional healthcare research for people and dogs

The University of Minnesota Foundation's new issue of Discovery magazine features a unique research collaboration between Liz Pluhar, D.V.M., Ph.D. (College of Veterinary Medicine) and the Matthew Hunt, M.D (Medical School). The goal? Helping dogs and people facing brain tumors.

Care Teams Perform Well When Members Accurately Know Each Other’s Expertise

A study of interdisciplinary care teams co-authored by Professor Emeritus Douglas Wholey revealed some teamwork factors that help them to produce high-quality care.

Childhood Abuse and Neglect May Lead to Obesity in Adulthood

New research by Assistant Professor Susan Mason helps to rule out the childhood home food environment as a major contributing factor in the development of obesity in adults who were maltreated.

Cancer-causing Chemical Formed in E-cigarette Users

Researcher and Associate Professor Irina Stepanov found that while e-cigarettes contain virtually no N-nitrosonornicotine (NNN) — a chemical that can cause oral cavity and esophageal cancer — the chemical can form in an e-cigarette user’s body when they take in nicotine through e-cigarettes.

CTSI releases more than $650K in funding to support clinical and translational research

More than $650,000 in funding has been released to support Minnesota biomedical research projects through six Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) programs designed to help U of M faculty prepare and implement studies, help build junior investigator and trainee research careers, and address important health issues.


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