Employee Spotlights

About the Employee Spotlight

The Employee Spotlight is a feature of the Academic Health Center Resource Hub and published every Monday. This is driven by nominations from colleagues. By nominating a colleague, you are letting them know that their contribution to our community is valued. Getting to know more about one another is a great way to feel more connected!

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Toby Oberg

Toby is living the dream at the U and hopes to stay here until retirement.

Kiara Ellis

Kiara is driven to connect diverse communities to cancer education resources.

Kristy Frost-Griep

I get to work with so many wonderful people across the AHC, and particularly in the AHC Shared units where I do most of my work.  They are all dedicated professionals who care about what they do, and I really consider myself lucky to work with them. They are also, as individuals, just really great people who I enjoy. I think great people are naturally attracted to working at the U.

Lezlie Nordquist

Rob Super in Pediatrics has to be one of my all time favorite people to work with. I have been on a lot of committees with him and he is a great leader. He has vast knowledge of the University of Minnesota and understands how decisions affect employees. Not only is he really smart, but he is a kind and thoughtful person.

Daniel E. Cronk hugging a small dog

One of the most exciting aspects of working for the University of Minnesota and the Academic Health Center is the knowledge that I play a vital role in providing quality education and resources, not only to current students in Veterinary Medicine, but also for the entire Veterinary community. By doing so we enhance, improve and promote patient care in Minnesota and around the world.