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Natalie Vestin

Project Coordinator
Start Date: 
September, 2006
Natalie Vestin

What advice do you have for a new employee in the Academic Health Center?

Take advantage of all the free continuing education available at the U. It could be something related to your job, and there are great opportunities to learn and listen to visiting scholars and take skills-related courses in the AHC. Take advantage of random things too. Go to an astrophysics lecture if it’s open to the public, use your free admission to the Bell Museum, listen to a panel talk about race in modern dance. Everything’s connected, and it’s great to be in an atmosphere where so many educational opportunities are available.

What is your favorite place on campus?

The Wall of Discovery. It’s an art/science installation that showcases sketches, notes, and diagrams from U alumni and professors accompanied by descriptions about what they were in the middle of discovering. It’s so inspirational, both to know that amazing ideas usually come out of a mess and to see the evidence of these people striving to create healthier hearts, beautiful symphonic compositions, and new architectural forms. I go to the Wall of Discovery for a pick-me-up, although if you see someone crying over the beauty of a heart monitor diagram, that’s probably me.

What is your favorite part of what you do? 

In my communications role, I get to find out about and talk to organizations I really admire, like the National Library of Medicine. When we started the Public Health Practices project, there were few agencies doing similar types of health practice collection and curation work. Now, there are several, and it’s fun to connect with people in similar roles or organization doing innovative work along the same lines. 

Motto or personal mantra:

“Take care of each other.” I spend a lot of time online and on social media each day, so it’s good for me to remember not to speak negatively.

Favorite source of inspiration:

My favorite source of inspiration is dance. I’m a dancer, so creating movement helps me think through things, but watching dance has the same effect. There are so many independent companies and choreographers in the Twin Cities that it’s a really wonderful place to be for new things in dance right now.

People would be surprised to know:

I can identify the insides of every chocolate in a box of mixed chocolates based on external signs. My mom taught me how to do it as a child.

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