Rebecca Noran

Director for web communications
Start Date: 
January, 2001
Rebecca Noran

What brought you to your current professional field? What brought you to the University of Minnesota and the Academic Health Center?

I gained exposure to different aspects of the communications field—working on the newspaper, literary magazine, and radio station as an undergrad at Macalester College; doing a marketing internship at Miramax Films in NY; and working for a jewelry designer with a range of duties for her business in NJ, where I grew up. When I graduated from college I worked as editor of First Avenue nightclub’s magazine and as a proofreader at Medtronic and Best Buy, before joining the University of Minnesota in communications—where I remain today!

The field of communications gives me the opportunity to think through challenges creatively. It’s been a natural fit, and I’ve gained experience in a number of specialties—design, writing, editing, proofreading, video, web and interactive, project management, events, strategy and planning, and management, which includes what a former boss called “stuff.” Lots of stuff! 

What excites you about working at the University of Minnesota and the Academic Health Center?

I enjoy thinking through systems and ways to keep doing things better. The AHC was made for that type of thinking.

The U has sort of become my Cheers. I fit here, somehow. I’ve worked in three areas at the U: College of Education and Human Development; Extension Center for Food, Agricultural, and Natural Resource Sciences; and now the Academic Health Center. I’ve done projects for two of its museums, Weisman and Goldstein; received an M.F.A. in the College of Design; participated in programs including the President’s Emerging Leaders, Women’s Leadership Institute, and Equity and Diversity Certificate; and engaged in University professional networks like Web People, Art of Hosting/Participatory Leadership, Project and Change Management Collaborators, and Communicators Forum, including being chair (2013–14). I value having these opportunities. 

What is your favorite part of what you do?

When things I see in my mind’s eye become reality and make a difference. When I can be inspired and help inspire others.

Motto or personal mantra:

Try it. You might like it. And if not, you don’t have to do it again.

Favorite source of inspiration:

Museums: Look, wander, think, sketch, explore, pause, take it all in.

I’m happiest when:

I’m wandering through a city I haven’t explored before, or maybe that I have. I stop wherever and whenever I want. A bookstore. A cafe. A park bench on top of a hill. The weather is beautiful. The food is delicious. Maybe I take some photos. Maybe I meet up with someone I know. Maybe I stumble into a local celebration. Maybe I just walk. And smile. And breathe.

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