The Academic Health Center (AHC) Office of Communications provides strategic communications support, partnering with units to promote and enhance the reputation of the University of Minnesota’s health sciences. 

AHC Communications provides leadership and expertise in web, community outreach, and internal communications. We collaborate with University Relations and communicators throughout the AHC to support and advance the AHC’s mission as stewards of Minnesota's health. 

The communications team supports units across the AHC by steering the AHC’s overall web strategy, offering training, tips, and consultation on web best practices and standards; guiding effective web projects, and providing a web theme, design, content management system, technical infrastructure, tools, and user support.

The communications team executes signature AHC outreach events, provides community relations support for AHC units and manages the AHC external website,

The communications team manages the internal website, maintains the AHC brand and identity, and oversees the development and dissemination of the internal newsletter, Around the AHC and other internal emails.