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Email Communications

Email is an important tool for reaching your audience. Before you hit send on a mass email message, consider several things including how to best reach your intended audience and what mass email tool to use.

Mass email at the University of Minnesota

See the University Relations website for information about:

  • appropriate uses of mass email
  • best practices and content standards
  • design requirements
  • advice for choosing alternative communication methods
  • required content for internal messages
  • download a predesigned mass email template that you can use for your communications.

The Office of Information Technology also provides information about mass email at the University.

HIPAA policies

When sending mass email you also need to account for HIPAA policies and ensure you do not inadvertently send PHI-protected information to your audience.

Email tools available

The University’s recommended and supported tool for mass email is Salesforce Marketing Cloud. See OIT’s email comparison chart for other options.