Preparing for Publication

Congratulations on your publication! We look forward to discussing your research findings.

As soon as you are notified of acceptance, contact your academic unit’s communicator and your PR team liaison. If you are not sure the appropriate liaison, begin with your unit communicator as they will be able to facilitate contact with the AHC PR team.

The AHC PR team works with faculty members and unit communicators to find the best venue for sharing publication news and findings.

Press contacts for journals

The most appropriate person to list as a press contact on your paper and with the publishing journal is your PR team liaison. The role of this person is to serve as an intermediary between the media and the researcher, and also be a press contact for the journal.

It is advised researchers and faculty members do not serve as their own press contact. Allowing a PR team member to serve in this capacity allows faculty members to better prepare for interviews, schedule media contact efficiently, and limits disruption to otherwise busy schedules, grant writing, and research time.

Share your information

There are certain items and details useful in determining the best way to share your story, as well as effectively prepare promotional items.

The following are items the AHC PR team may request:

  • A final, or the most recent, PDF of the accepted study;
  • A brief statement with a lay abstract or a list of the most interesting takeaways of the research written in lay terms;
  • Availability for media, in at least one hour blocks, the day of the publication if possible;
  • A contact on your care team, if this is a story that will impact patient care, so a patient can be identified;
  • Any ideas of visuals within your lab space or clinical setting.

You can easily share many of the details needed to begin the process of promotion by filling out our request form for publications. 

Embargo policies

Many publications have embargo policies limiting the sharing of information from the accepted paper until a certain date, usually timed to the publication of the paper. The AHC PR team is aware of and respects all embargo policies. It is acceptable and expected that you will share findings with your press contacts ahead of an embargo, as part of the publication process.

NOTE: If a press release is issued about your research project, the AHC PR team requires a final PDF copy of the paper prior to the mailing of the release. Quoted faculty members must also be available the day the press release is sent. Learn more about promotional guidelines.