Recognize Faculty Honors and Awards

Checklist for recognizing honors and award to faculty

The following is a checklist outlining how Academic Health Center (AHC) units can recognize awards given to University of Minnesota faculty. While not every award will need a press release, there are internal and external channels for recognizing a faculty member’s accomplishment.

AHC Unit = college/school, center/institute or program

AHC public relations = PR or media relations coordinator working with your unit

Social media

  • AHC Unit communicator posts on unit's Facebook and Twitter accounts. Include name, photo and brief description of award/honor. 
  • Notify AHC public relations liaison with a link to the Facebook post or tweet
    • AHC PR retweets from AHC Twitter account and likes or shares on AHC Facebook page 
      Please note: some months there can several awards so it might not be possible to post every award, but by liking we can help boost views through Facebook  


  • AHC Unit post brief update on unit’s web property. This could be on the home page, announcements, news, and/or other relevant section. 

Internal University of Minnesota announcements

AHC Unit communicator sends brief description with name, award description and links to:

Press release

AHC Unit communicator to consult with AHC public relations liaison on whether award should be announced via a press release. Again it is important to remember that most honors will not warrant a press release (anecdotally, the PR coordinators can only think of one release that garnered media coverage). Consider whether award has:

  • National significance
  • Local/regional significance
  • Appropriate for reporters with beats that cover the faculty member’s work

AHC Unit communicators could also send a brief release to local business outlets that report professional announcements, including:

If AHC PR team issues a press release, it will be posted on the newsroom section of

Faculty bio

  • AHC Unit update award on faculty member’s web "bio" page
  • If the award is relevant to their status as an expert spokesperson, consult your AHC PR liaison to include the award on the bio under the AHC Newsroom Experts list