Training, Tips, & Tools

Communications and media interaction can be a big task, and there is ample opportunity to develop new skills and improve existing ones.

Media training

The Academic Health Center (AHC) Public Relations (PR) team provides media training to individuals, groups, departments, or in open and regularly scheduled sessions. These sessions can be used to refresh expertise in media interview skills, prepare for an upcoming interview or publication release, or increase comfort with media interactions.

Open media training seminars welcome faculty and staff from any AHC academic unit in quarterly-scheduled sessions.

Schedule a consultation or email Caroline Marin at to discuss options for individual or department-level media training.

Experts guide

The AHC health sciences experts guide is designed to assist regional and national media seeking to connect with nationally-regarded subject matter experts. Researchers are listed with a short biography, headshot, and a few appropriate tags to help us connect reporters and experts quickly and appropriately.

This tool continues to grow with your help. Request an expert guide profile for yourself or someone on your academic unit’s faculty by emailing