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The content in the Web section of the Health Science Hub provides information about using the Nokomis web theme in Drupal 7.

Sites on Drupal 7 are required to make a number of transitions between now and 2021. The following information outlines the transitions and provides some basic resources.

Drupal 7 to Drupal 9 Transition

All health science websites on Drupal 7 (D7) must plan to move their sites off D7 by November 2022.

  • Drupal 7 is set to be at “end of life” in November 2022. Drupal 9 was introduced in the summer of 2021.
  • Units are responsible for transitioning their sites from D7 to D9. OIT will handle site transitions for D8 to D9.
  • Drupal training and use instruction for sites still on D7 will continue to be available on the Hub website until it is no longer needed.


  • OIT has provided a list of preapproved contractors to help move sites off Drupal 7.
  • University Relations is developing basic content types (news, events, blog, bio, etc.) for Drupal 9. The content types will be designed with the Folwell web theme and will be available for use in D9 by any University unit.
  • To find out more about shared content types and other web resources from UR, contact urweb@umn.edu.


Bios Transition to Works

  • The Bios database is not compatible with Drupal 8. Units using Bios to display faculty and staff lists on their sites must make alternate plans.
  • The University’s Works system, supported by the Provost, is available as an alternative to Bios for faculty (staff bios will not be created in Works).
  • Issues related to Bios functionality should be addressed to Brent Engebretson


  • University Relations is working with the Works staff in the Provost’s office to configure the online display for a Drupal 8 module that has been built to display Works bio content on D8 sites. 
  • Contact worksadm@umn.edu for information about getting your faculty into Works and using the D8 module. 
  • Contact University Relations at urweb@umn.edu for updates related to displaying Works content in D8.


Nokomis Transition to Folwell

  • The Nokomis web theme will be retired after all units have moved off Drupal 7.
  • Nokomis theme use instruction will continue to be available on the Hub website until it is no longer needed.
  • There will be no new design or development work done on the Nokomis theme.


  • University Relations and OIT have developed the Folwell web theme for Drupal 8. The theme is also available for sites not in Drupal through use of the Pattern Library.
  • Work to enhance and improve the Folwell theme is ongoing.
  • Contact urweb@umn.edu in UR with questions related to the Folwell theme.