Finding the right web solution

The web is not one-size-fits-all. Many solutions are available to provide a web presence for groups in the AHC. It used to be that the way to get your content online was to “make a website,” but the web has evolved greatly. The AHC’s approach to supporting the web has become more sophisticated to account for this change, and many more options are available. 

It’s important to have a go-to place that you maintain on the web, but independent, standalone websites require substantial administrative overhead and are not always the best solution to serve audiences and help them find what they need. 

The AHC web team partners with you to build a strong, strategic web presence, and to find the best home for it online. We use a framework to determine what web solution makes the most sense to users externally and to sustain internally. 

  • For colleges and schools; some centers, institutes, and clinics; and departments in the Medical School, this presence is typically a standalone website. 
  • For other areas such as programs, divisions, labs, projects, and some centers and institutes, the web presence is typically a section or page within an existing site. This section can have its own distinctive URL, clearly appear as its own section in the structure and design, and is maintained by the unit.

No matter what your web solution is, it's important that it be kept current and relevant for the people visiting it—whether they arrive from a Google search, a direct link in an email, or another route. The AHC web team is here to help, and we count on each web property to have a web point person to ensure its maintained.

If we didn't combine programs, centers, labs, etc. within Medical School departments, and departments/centers/institutes etc. within the AHC's colleges and schools, that would be hundreds of hundreds of individual websites all with separate administrative overhead. Interdisciplinary work is done across AHC units and connections are made with cross-linking, thereby avoiding duplication and promoting accuracy.