Drupal Lite

Need help?

For Drupal Lite support, contact OIT's technology help.

Drupal Lite is a service offered through the Office of Information Technology (OIT) to create a U-branded site in the Drupal content management system (CMS), giving you direct access to maintain your content. Think of it as a fancier Google sites.

Drupal Lite comes out-of-the-box with the essentials to produce a professional looking site. It does not offer room for customization and for expanding functionality and styling, which is avaiable through the AHC web support system, so Drupal Lite is best for relatively straightforward needs. 

Drupal Lite is best for:

  • student groups
  • professional organizations and publications/journals
  • collaborative initiatives at the U (e.g. where multiple schools are working on it and it's not clear where the support would be, and it should be U-branded)

Drupal Lite may be a good match for the following needs depending on the specific situation:

  • faculty labs (see our tips on faculty research labs)
  • conferences 
  • grants, special initiatives, and projects (e.g., tied to a limited timeframe).

Before embarking on a Drupal Lite project, consider whether it makes sense for your content to be housed within an existing, relevant site for a college, school, department, center, etc. This might provide context to audiences and help them make connections between related content, and you would still receive access to AHC web support.  

Things to know

  • U-branded
  • In Drupal web content management system (CMS) with free web hosting from OIT
  • Follow the self-help guide instructions to set up
  • Limited features and ways to customize
  • No password protection abilities
  • Not incorporated with AHC bios system
  • Drupal Lite sites are not supported by AHC web team. Support from OIT is limited to instructions on how to use the platform, and does not include content consulting.

Before you proceed...

Before requesting a Drupal Lite site from OIT, connect with your web point person and the AHC web team at ahcweb@umn.edu, and ask others in your area to do the same. We will reply in a timely manner. OIT forwards the requests to us and doesn’t set the site up until we have approved it, so a head's up expedites and streamlines the process.

If you are considering a Drupal Lite site, follow this sequence of steps:

  1. Email ahcweb@umn.edu with the following information:

Your name, contact info, role
What’s the reason for your request?
What unit(s) at the University is your content part of? (e.g., a research lab or project within a specific department/center/school/college/etc.)
What content do you need a web presence for? Provide URL if it exists already; if new content, please describe.
Who will be maintaining the website content?

  1. We will either ask you to go ahead and make the request to OIT, or someone will get back to you to have a conversation about options. If the next steps are to proceed with a Drupal Lite site, you can go ahead and complete OIT's Drupal Lite site request form and we’ll approve it right away when it comes through.