Web Point Person

Find a Web Point Person

The web point people spreadsheet lists units or websites with their corresponding web point people.

Web point people by unit

Every web property in the Academic Health Center web support system must have one assigned web point person. This person handles communication between their unit and AHC web support.

Web point person responsibilities and expectations

By accepting the role of web point person, you agree to these expectations.

  • Respect the expertise and knowledge of the AHC web team and our recommendations
  • Handle communication between AHC web team and your unit
  • Participate in AHC Web Google Group and stay informed on AHC web matters
  • Stay informed by attending the monthly web town halls in person or remotely, or reviewing the slides/recording if you cannot make one, and keep others in your area updated on web matters
  • Receive content and feature requests from people in my area
  • Share feature requests with the AHC web team
  • Share maintenance calendar and send out task reminders 
  • Consult with others in my area
  • In the event that you leave this role, notify the AHC web team at ahcweb@umn.edu to let us know who should be replaced for you. Pass along documentation on what needs to be done to your successor.