Online forms assist with gathering information from site visitors or to help them accomplish tasks such as submitting an application, subscribing to a listserv, or becoming a member. 

The Academic Health Center (AHC) web team suggests using the University's survery tool, Qualtrics, for surveys and for simple forms Wufoo or Google Forms. It is also possible to create forms within Drupal; email

Most AHC websites can embed forms directly onto one of their webpages. Websites can also link to the form on Wufoo or Google Forms.  

How to add a form to your website

  1. Determine what information you need or want from people filling out the form. 
  2. Plan and write copy for your form. This includes the form questions and answers as well as any introductory or explanatory text. Make sure there’s someone to manage the form on the back-end, to receive and act upon any forms that are submitted.
  3. Determine where on your website the form should be linked or embedded.
  4. Insert the link or embed code on your website.


Use Qualtrics @ U of M for surveys.


Wufoo is an easy-to-use form builder and database. One feature is the ability to brand your form with the University of Minnesota logo and colors. 

Creating basic forms in Wufoo may be free depending on your unit's needs. View Wufoo's plans and pricing options.

It is our policy that you create and maintain your own Wufoo account.


AHC feedback form

Embedding your Wufoo form
  1. Create your form.
  2. Select share.
  3. Copy the embed code. Then, go to the HTML editor of the page you want the form embedded into, and paste the code. 
Branding your Wufoo form

Wufoo allows you to apply a theme to your forms. How to create and edit Wufoo themes.

The AHC web team has created a simple University-branded theme that can be applied to forms directly associated with the University:

  • Logo (note: this requires a paid plan): Select "Your Logo" and copy and paste into the field. Set the image height to 40 px. Hit apply.
  • Background of the entire form: Select “Background”, then “Wallpaper”, and then copy and paste #7a0019 into the color field.
  • Highlight the sections: Select “Background”, then “Highlights”, and then copy and paste #ffb71e into the color field.

Google Forms

Google Forms is another free option for building an online form. 

While there currently is not a way to brand the form with the University’s logo and colors, it does give you the ability to require University sign-in (x.500) to view the form. Make sure this is unchecked if you want people outside the University to view the form.

Creating and embedding Google Forms
  1. Google Forms are housed within the Google Drive application. While signed in to your University of Minnesota Google account, click “Drive”.
  2. Click on “New”, then “More”,  and then “Google Forms”. This will open a form editor. You can always edit your form after you've created it by clicking on the form in your list of documents and then clicking on the form. 
  3. Once you’ve finalized your form, select “Send” from the upper right.
  4. In the “Send via” area, select the embed icon (with the double arrows).
  5. Copy the embed code. Then, go to the HTML editor of the page you want the form embedded into, and paste the code.  

Program in Health Disparities Research feedback form (not embedded)