Internal Audience Focus

The Academic Health Center web team supports one intranet or employee hub for the AHC and each college/school. These are:

  • Academic Health Center Resource Hub—helpful information, tools, and tips for employees; publicly accessible (live in Drupal... and if you're reading this, you're on this website right now!)
  • Medical School’s Med Hub—information for faculty, staff, and student access to policies; publicly accessible (live in Drupal)
  • College of Pharmacy Intranet (x500 password protected) 
  • College of Veterinary Medicine (x500 password protected) 

The AHC web team does not support intranet sites for anything beyond what’s listed.

There are also these school intranets:

  • School of Dentistry Intranet (x500 password protected) (Google site)
  • School of Nursing Intranet (x500 password protected) (Google site) 

Creating a go-to place for employee information

Having content of a similar nature in one go-to place helps keep that information current and avoid duplication. Like other audiences, internal audiences want to find what they’re looking for and be sure they have the most recent version and can trust it.

If you have content geared toward an internal audience, we recommend considering the nature and purpose of your content in order to find the best solution for it.

  • Where are people used to finding information?
  • What tools do they use?
  • And what can you manage, maintain, and support over time?

Traditional intranet content

Is it content that you “push out” to a particular group? Does it need to live online for them to reference, such as a policy or procedure? Consider who can have access to view.

File sharing, collaboration, and more

Do you find yourself posting meeting minutes and other files on a regular basis? Are you sharing documents and scheduling within a workgroup? There are many options for online file sharing, collaboration, and granting limited access, so it’s possible to find a solution that fits your need outside of the AHC web support system. We’ve outlined some options, such as Google Sites. You will be responsible for creating, maintaining, and supporting whatever solution you choose. Be sure to use a departmental email account to set things up.

Google Apps and the AHC | Using Google Drive | Tips for organizing your Google Drive 

Watch the presentation at the AHC web town hall on how AHC groups are using Google sites for internal content.

Google sites and other web solutions

Additional methods for communication

Email, posters/flyers, and in-person communications are also valuable tools for reaching an internal audience. These communication vehicles can help bring attention to an opportunity available to people, encourage them to do something, and make them aware of information they need to do their job. We have additional AHC resources for internal communication and University Relations provides some resources for internal communication.

Shared drives and centralized file cabinets can be good places to archive information and store documentation.