Research Ethics

We added the research ethics statement...

Let the Office of the Vice President for Research and AHC know you added the research ethics statement and/or the contact information for UReport to relevant web page by entering your unit name and the web pages it's on under Academic Health Center in their tracking spreadsheet.

The Academic Health Center is part of the University of Minnesota’s overall effort to help cultivate a culture of research ethics and build awareness of the University's principles, policies, and processes that uphold ethical research practices.

The effort is built around a Statement of Core Commitments—developed and adopted by University leadership, faculty, and staff—that identifies our shared responsibilities and reinforces our collective commitment to meeting the highest ethical standards in the planning and conduct of research.

Web properties within the Academic Health Center should be updated with language that reflects this commitment. In addition, there is a communications toolkit available to support this larger awareness effort.

Update your website with a short statement of research ethics core commitments

Research ethics at the University of Minnesota

We are committed to protecting research participants, upholding ethical standards, and improving our practice at every step of our work.

How to add the statement to your website

You have two options to have the research ethics statement added to your site:

1. Request the web team add it.

Use this form to request to have the AHC web team update your site with research ethics statement and menu links to your website.

Once we add to your site, we will also add it to the tracking spreadsheet.

2. Add to your website yourself.

If you are adding the research ethics statement as a pane of content to multiple pages of a website, we recommend you save the pane as reusable content.

Instructions on how to create a pane of reusable content can be found on the AHC Drupal Training website.

The training site includes instructions on how to apply the gray callout box style to the statement to make it stand out on your page. This callout style needs to be applied to the pane you are adding on each page it appears, as the CSS style settings are not saved from page to page for reusable content.

Add the Research Ethics Block M image to your callout box

Dowload the image below, so you can add it to the research ethics callout box on your site.

Use the image alt text: RESEARCH ETHICS

You can also add a Research Ethics link in your menu structure which would link to the Research Ethics page on the Medical School or Health Sciences website. If you want to go this route, it may be simplest to complete the form for the web team to do it. Otherwise, here are instructions on editing the menu.

Examples of pages to update with the research ethics statement

Home pages

Research landing pages

Resources for researchers pages

Clinical trials pages

Contact pages

Add the link to report an issue through:

U reportThe UReport provides a way for University community members to report violations of rules, regulations and policies. The report can be made anonymously.


  • Add to any column of your unit footer so the statement appears on every page of your site

Add to any other pages you feel are research-focused and relevant