Researcher Resources

Research is fundamental to the University of Minnesota’s mission, so many websites strive to help the research community easily locate services and resources that can support them.

Link to these resources

Many offices and units support researchers, but long lists of links are overwhelming and difficult to navigate. They are also challenging for site managers to maintain and keep accurate.

To make it easier for users to find what they need, we encourage you to direct your researcher audience to these three, research-focused web properties managed by units within the Academic Health Center:

  • Research Services (managed by the Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI). Note: If your services, labs, or equipment are affiliated with the AHC and/or the University and are available to a wide range of researchers, we invite you to fill out form requesting to add your unit to the site.
  • Research Toolkit (managed by CTSI)
  • Researcher resources (managed by the AHC Office of Communications). 

You may also want to link to content about:

  • Research resources available only to your unit.
  • Specific facilities, equipment, tools, or resources that are frequently used by your audience.

Ideas for directing people to research resources


Create a “Researcher Resources” page under the larger “Research” label on your website.


Here are descriptions about the AHC’s key researcher resources that you can copy-paste:

  • Research ServicesGo-to place for exploring the many University of Minnesota units that serve health researchers. 
  • Research ToolkitGuidance from the University and beyond for every step of a study, from applying for funding to conducting research to sharing results.
  • Researcher ResourcesWebpage listing University resources for managing grants, finding funding, adhering to policies and regulations, and more. 

Section or callout

Within a page related to research or employee resources, create a section or callout that’s dedicated to researcher resources.


Here is sample callout content that you can copy-paste:

University resources

All AHC researcher resources

Service units
The Research Services website lists the many University of Minnesota units that serve researchers.

The Research Toolkit curates resources from the University and beyond.

Need something shorter?

Here is more concise copy that you can copy-paste:

Resources for researchers

Need to share these resources?

We've compiled web-related resources for researchers into a slide deck.

Researcher resources presentation