Bio Builder Form

A key component of the AHC Bios System is a user-friendly, efficient Bio Builder form that enables users to enter their bio information once and it will be displayed consistently across University websites—such as AHC schools, organizations, and centers, and University of Minnesota Health websites. 

Need to make an update? Add someone? Remove them? Use the Bio Builder form.

You can control which fields are displayed on your website. If there is no information in a field, nothing will display for it. 

The same bio information will appear for someone on any site it is used. Bio listings is where information can be customized and tailored, e.g., listing research interests or clinical focus.

How did we decide what information to include in the Bio Builder form?

The AHC web team conducted extensive interviews with web contacts in AHC college/schools, departments, centers, and other areas, and analyzed the varied existing web bios across AHC and UMPhysicians. As a result, we identified a common list of information that will support the individual needs of each organization.

We have conducted usability testing at the University’s Usability Lab at which we gained insights from AHC staff who currently update bio pages.

Each person in the bios system has a unique ID based on their x500, to avoid the same person being entered more than once. If they are external, a unique ID is created.  

Bios entry template

Trying to collect consistent information across your faculty? Use the template of fields available and edit to suit your needs.

Standard information

Official name

Contact information including phone, email, mailing and office addresses

Primary organization or department at the University of Minnesota

Education and degree information

Board certifications (typical for UMPhysicians providers)

What information will we be able to add into the Bio Builder form?

The Bio Builder form will allow you to enter information in the following categories. You do not need to complete every field. Only the fields you complete will display.

Bio overview information

Bio overview information

Photo—Upload a high-resolution, professional portrait photo and the Bio Builder will size it automatically to be published in your web bio or as a thumbnail in a website faculty listing

Bio summary—Short paragraph highlighting your professional experience

Awards and recognition—List of awards or recognition you have achieved

Languages—List of languages in which you are fluent 

Contact information—You may add missing or remove populated contact information

Additional organizations—If you work or are affiliated with more than one organization at the university, you will be able to add up to three more organizations in addition to your primary one

Administrative assistant contact information—If it applies to you

Education and certifications—Includes places to add undergraduate, graduate and professional degrees, residencies, fellowships, and any relevant certifications you possess

Social media—Allows you to provide a direct link to your organization’s or your own professional social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube

Curriculum vitae—Upload a PDF version of your complete CV for visitors to download 



Research summary/interests—Brief paragraph of text describing your research

Research lab link—A link directly to your research website 

Research funding grants—Provide a list of your current research funding and grants

Key publications, book chapters, posters, and presentations—Enables you to provide a short list of your most critical or most recent publications

Link to your profile on—Creates the link on your published bio directly to the University’s research networking database, where users can access all your publications. More about Experts @ Minnesota 



Board certifications

Clinical title(s)—Select from a list of professional clinical titles (up to 2 allowed)

Clinical interests—Enter your unique clinical interests (up to 10 allowed)

Clinical specialties—Select from a list of specialties from the American Board of Medical Specialties (up to 3 allowed) 

Clinic locations—Select the locations where you practice (up to 5 allowed) 

Hospital privileges—Select the hospitals where you hold privileges (up to 5 allowed) 

Care philosophy—Describe your priorities when caring for a patient (up to 1,000 characters)



Teaching title(s)—Enter up to 10 professional titles that you hold

Teaching interests and focus—Enter a list or a paragraph describing your academic interests for students or colleagues to view, such as number of students you advise each year

Teaching areas—Include the areas you teach along with any specific courses you want to highlight for your students



Video title—Allows you to provide the link or the embed code to any videos that are critical to your professional profile

Video link

Embedded video

Health Expert Link

In The News

Community engagement

Community engagement

The community engagement section and field is currently only in place for the School of Public Health.

What if a patient lands on a faculty member's page through search?

Feel free to include a website link under contact information and/or specific clinic information in the clinical section, so that if a patient lands there they have an exit point to get to patient-focused info.

How will bios get on my Drupal website?

We'll get you started

The AHC web team will let you know before it’s time for your website to move to Drupal. When it’s time for your website upgrade, we will populate the bios database with the existing data from UMContent, and as relevant, from the University of Minnesota Health physician information and from PeopleSoft. We also will add any portrait photos available in UMContent. Hi resolution portrait photos are preferred, if you have these.

You review and edit

You will have the opportunity to review, edit, and add more information using the Bio Builder form before the site launches, and over time use the form to make changes to the information. Pre-populated information may easily be edited or deleted before launch; it is there to be reviewed and make the launch of the new site as easy as possible.

Some technical details

From a technical standpoint, the display of the bio pages and staff lists on your site will be controlled through your Drupal site’s administration pages. Specifically, your Drupal site will have “Bio modules” created by the AHC installed for displaying bio profile pages and the faculty/staff lists. You will be able to control the general display of the bios—whether or not to display certain sections of information such as social media links, contact info, research, teaching, or clinical information. There will be a configuration system for faculty/staff lists through the Drupal administrative pages as well.