Bio List Options

The most common way to get to individual bios is through list pages. The can be customized by site, with several options for list display and ability to customize which fields appear.

These are the main types of bio list pages.

Page elements

Search Box

A search box allows you to type in someone's name to find them. As you are typing, the page dynamically filters the results to narrow down your search. To remove the filter and see all staff again, simply remove any text from the search box.

Example of a site using the search filter: College of Pharmacy website.

Featured Person

The featured person highlights a faculty or staff member, usually the director or department chair. They are featured at the top of the page in a callout box that shows basic contact information with a link to their full bio. 

Example of a featured person: Center for Spirituality & Healing website.


Sections have taken the place old accordion-style bios lists we used earlier in Drupal upgrades. Sections are used to group individuals into defined categories, whether it be departments, faculty groups, research programs, etc. You can decide on the label for each category. 

Sections are displayed as red/maroon buttons near the top of the faculty and staff list page. When you click on a section button, it will jump down the page to the area where the section starts so you can quickly find who you are looking for.

Example of sections (the red/maroon "Faculty" and "Staff" buttons below the featured person): Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology website.


One column

Can be seen on the Program of Mortuary Science website

Two columns

As seen on the Stem Cell Institute website

Three columns

Can be seen on the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology website


A zebra-styled column is compact and best suited for staff lists that don't need a ton of information. Each row is an alternating color. 

An example of a zebra list, as seen on the Stem Cell website


Alphabetical listing with A-Z filter
Example: One column, search box, A-Z filter WITHOUT letter headings
Can be seen on the College of Pharmacy website

Alphabetical listing with letter headings
Example: Three columns, featured person, section buttons, A-Z filter WITH letter headings
Can be seen on the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology website

Just listed alphabetically, nothing fancy
Example: One column bio list with photos, displayed alphabetically
Can be seen on the Program of Mortuary Sciences website

Alphabetical within sections
Example: One column bio list with photos, using sections and displayed alphabetically in each section
Can be seen on the Center for Spirituality & Healing website