Content Types

Content types set up certain functionality for your content. Drupal 7 content types commonly used by health sciences web contributors will continue to use the AHC acronym until Nokomis is retired. The content types include AHC Content, AHC Event, AHC News, and AHC Slider.

This is the most commonly used content type. It covers the majority of web pages on any given health sciences website. Generally, any page that has a permanent home within your navigation is considered the AHC Content type.

Use this content type for upcoming events that have a date, title, location, etc. If it’s an event you want a particular audience to attend, this is the best content type to use.

You'll use this type for all news posts. This means timely content that isn’t a permanent page within the website, but that is relevant to your web audience. This includes new studies, award announcements, requests for proposals, and more.

You'll use this type if you're updating a website that has a photo slider component on the homepage.

Converting content types

Want to change the content type of an existing page? When you are logged in and viewing a page, select the "Convert" tab at the top; then choose the content type you want to change it to from the dropdown. Click Next, keeping the default "body" option, and Convert.

Convert content types screenshot

Special content type(s) for your website

When you go to add content, you may see an additional content type(s) if one was created specially for your website. If this is the case, you will have been given specific instructions on how and when to use it. Only use it for those purposes.

Content types not (or seldom) used

AHC Content - ADMIN ONLY: Only your unit’s central web developer can use this type, and only occasionally, for page content that shouldn't be altered by others. (It's used on the training website.)

AHC Listy: Has photos on left, text on right. Needs work.

AHC Outside News: A way to display and link to news from external sites.

AHC People: Web editors will not use this content type. Instead, you'll use the AHC Bios system for all faculty and staff bio pages.

Also to avoid...

Don't use the following content types. These were created as defaults in the U's base theme, but are not AHC content types and won't look or work correctly on your site.

  • Calendar
  • Course
  • Faculty
  • General page
  • Imported content
  • Landing page
  • News
  • Staff

What about bios?

Although "AHC Bios" is not a content type listed in your Drupal menu, it is still a type of content commonly used on health science websites.

The Bios System automates the display of faculty/staff bios and listings that can be shared across colleges, schools, departments, clinics, and other websites. It's an independent system from Drupal, but changes made in the system will be reflected on your website.

Login to Bios System

Don't have access? 

Email your unit’s web contact person to receive self-guided training materials. You'll get access to the Bios System after you have completed the self-guided training.