AHC News

Posting a time-sensitive news update? We recommend using the AHC News content type.

AHC news content type

While "AHC Content" works well for evergreen content, "AHC News" is good for special announcements such as awards, calls for proposals, new studies, research spotlights, faculty profiles, and other timely content that you would typically find on a news blog.

Creating AHC News

  • To create a news item, click “Content,” then “Add content,” and select the AHC News content type.
  • Fill in the headline, body copy, images, etc., as you would with any page.
  • Scroll down and check the “Provide a menu link” box only if you want the event to appear in your navigation. 
  • Click the “Publishing options” box in the lower left and click “Published.”

Sharing a news feed

Whenever you create a news item, Drupal automatically creates a new page with a unique URL (see sample below). However, if you want to draw attention to that news in another place on your website, such as a program sidebar, follow these steps:

  • Of course, you'll need to have some News items created already.
  • Choose (or create) the AHC Content page where you want to add a feed.
  • Go to Panelizer, then click the wheel to “Add content" in the appropriate pane.
  • A drop-down menu will appear on the left. Choose “View panes.”
  • You’ll see several options here, but in most cases, “View: AHC News” will cover your needs.
  • Click the green “Add” button. You can leave the default display type (Fields), unless you want to experiment with the layout.
  • Click “Save,” then save again.