Images & Videos

Get Consent

There are times when you'll need to get a consent (sometimes called a release) form signed. 


Editing images

Free cropping tools

  • Croppola—best used for cropping existing photos/images
  • Canva—This is a good option for creating your own custom graphics. Only need your email address to sign up. It's free if you use your own uploaded images and their free stock graphical elements, otherwise they are $1 per download if you use their "premium" stock.
  • Google Drawings—add to Chrome browser

Image sources for Academic Health Center websites

Free images

Images for purchase

Stock photos
Hire a photographer

Hiring a professional photographer can be the best way to get authentic, high quality photos specific to your needs. Several options are available. For all of these options, as the unit contact, you will need to coordinate the logistics of people and places to arrange any photo shoots. For faculty and staff headshots, we recommend option 2.

  1. Depending on availability, the Creative Agency can take the photos at the rate of $70/hr (including planning/follow-up time). Contact: Wendy Broberg ( and Brian Carnell ( If the photos are for a Drupal web upgrade project, please let Wendy and Brian know so they can connect with the AHC web team.

  2. You can hire a photographer. With this approach, you will set up the contract and manage all aspects. The web team is available for a half hour consultation to recommend possible photographers, and discuss potential photo possibilities and what to capture to work well on your website. To schedule a consultation, find a time available on our consultation calendar and email to schedule. You can also email for photographer recommendations without a consultation.

  3. Depending on availability, you can hire the Creative Agency (same directions as step 1) to art direct and manage the photo shoot using an outside photographer. The external photo vendor's rate will passed through to you, with Creative Agency managing their contract and invoicing. We consider this the "deluxe" package in that you will get the most support to make the photo shoot happen and it will also have the greatest expense (project management and photographer fee). We will still need your help with logistics to line up the who, where, and when of any photo shoots.


Self-production resources

  • Video Blocks: Free stock images, video, and audio for the University of Minnesota
  • Visit the University of Minnesota Audio and Video Assets page to find opening or closing graphics and other branded imagery to add depth and character to your production.
  • Audio, Video, and Presentation Guidelines- download logos and templates, and ensure your video meets branding policy and copyright requirements.
  • Video and Conferencing Services in the Office of Information Technology offers production facilities, broadcasting services, and on-site video support.
  • Library Media Services provides a video library, equipment rental, and software for media projects.
  • The SMART Learning Commons offers on-demand media support during office hours. You can also make an appointment for media consulting, use software resources or check out equipment.

Video software

Video sharing tools

Video training tools, a library of online training videos, is available at no cost to current University of Minnesota students, faculty, and staff systemwide on all campuses. It provides access to nearly 2,000 courses for all skill levels in more than 140 specialties. (x.500 login required)

Captioning videos

The Disability Resource Center provides several methods to caption your videos accessible to those who are deaf or hard of hearing. Captioning videos can also be beneficial to English language learners, visual learners, and others.