Fixed & Custom Solutions

The Academic Health Center web team works with units to create a web presence that's consistent across platforms, that accomplishes their goals, and that meets audience needs. This entails a combination of fixed aspects and custom (or "not fixed") solutions in the Nokomis web theme. 

Fixed items

Title space - Each site's title appears in a clean white space in the top left, with the option of adding text underneath and/or above.

Navigation bar - All AHC sites have the same horizontal navigation bar, in the University's maroon color, as well as University gold for highlighted buttons.

Breadcrumbs - In terms of usability, breadcrumbs reduce the number of steps users need to take to get to higher-level pages.

Left menu - Sub-navigation for top-level pages appears in the left-hand column (goes to bottom of page on mobile).

Bios - Display formats of staff and faculty bios are consistent across sites.

Custom solutions

Homepage design – The layout and design of homepages for AHC websites in the Nokomis web theme will vary based on content priorities and audience needs. 

Examples: | |

Individual page layouts - Thanks to a variety of layout options, the design of pages within each site are customized to fit the content and make it easy for users to find what they need.

Accent colors and patterns for headline banner and unit footer - The Nokomis theme includes several options for unit footer headers and horizontal banners underneath headline text, from different solid colors to patterns.

Page content - Of course, the messaging for each site is customized for the unit and its target audiences.

Footer content - While all sites include contact info in the first column of the footer, each unit can customize the other columns with social media icons, quick links, or other relevant content.

Examples of additional custom solutions

Features within each site are sometimes added.

Patient care task widget and web page – A widget for key tasks can be created to pull into relevant areas of a site. In this case, the patient task widget coordinates with the patient care page at

Experts guide – The experts guide at provides the ability to view by expert or by topic. A featured expert widget can pull into various web pages where the experts featured are relevant, to drive users to that content on the expert guide. The design coordinates across these elements using a secondary color from the AHC palette and a textured effect. 

Custom headings – Icons, pattern, and color can be used to create distinctive headings for key information.