All health science Drupal 7 websites use the Nokomis web theme. The theme has many fixed elements, as well as aspects that can be customized.

Formatting and styling your content

Consult the styles reference for text, image, and other formatting options for your content.

Images are a great way to customize and add personality to your site.

Do not create your own in-line changes, such as changing the color of text in the middle of a sentence or adding a background color behind text. There are reasons based in accessibility, usability, and web best practices for why things are set up as they are. Use the styles that come with the theme. Find out more about web accessibility best practices

If you want to do something in particular and can't find it or figure out how, contact your colleges web point person. 

Special sections

For large sites, we sometimes create special sections to give distinction to departments, centers, divisions, and other designated units.