Microsite Navigation

The “Microsite” navigation treatment allows a section of the website, such as a department or center, to “takeover” the site title and main navigation, while providing a link back to the primary unit.

It is best used for a section of content that requires an additional level of prominence or with sections that have many levels of navigation and/or deep sections of content.

Recommended uses:

  • Large departments
  • Large centers and Institutes
  • Large academic programs
  • Interdisciplinary units with ties to more than one standalone site
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Note: Microsites must first be enabled by a developer. Please contact your web support for more details.

When creating a new node of AHC Content (or editing an existing node of AHC Content), there will be two fields at the bottom of the page:

the form where users select if the page is a microsite homepage or a page within a microsite

  1. Microsite Homepage
    Check this box if you want this page to be the landing page for your Microsite.
    A microsite has the following effects on a page:
    • The Site Title changes to the Page Name
    • The main navigation switches to any pages that are nested under this page

  2. Microsite
    This is a dropdown where you select which microsite a page belongs to. You will need to apply the proper microsite to every page that lives under the Homepage that you previously defined. For example, lets say you have this set of pages that will be turned into a microsite section:
    • Diversity
      • About
      • Our Programs
      • Awards
      • Resources
      • Contact us
    • In the above example, Diversity would be the Microsite Homepage, so you would check the checkbox
    • All of the pages nested underneath it (About, Our Programs, Awards, etc.) would use the dropdown to set the Microsite to Diversity.
    • If a page has a special footer or specific left-navigation that should be used, it can be done using the Special Section dropdown/radio select.