Future Improvements

The AHC Web Team releases theme updates on an ongoing basis. These updates address the needs of our web community and reflect University of Minnesota standards.

Most Recent Release - June 2018

Below are the improvements with this most recent release. 

A design refresh for the following elements:

  • Tabs
  • Accordions

This design refresh updates these elements to be more modern and better fit in with the look and feel of the Nokomis web theme

New functionality and features:

  • Microsites
  • Modal windows

This batch of updates also includes:

  • Standardization of default views for AHC content types.
  • Twitter API update ready for implementation on sites.

See the May 2018 Nokomis Web Theme Improvements document

Past Improvements

December 2017 Release

December 2017 Release

The next release update will include the following improvements:

  • Caption styles:
    • Caption: Overlay - Dark
    • Caption: Overlay - Light
    • Caption: Smaller Text Size
  • Links:
    • Updating the icon that appears after a link that goes to an external site
    • New link style that will remove unwanted icons from links (useful for linked images)
    • Ability to link directly to content in a tab
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Ability to upload animated GIFs

See the December 2017 Nokomis Web Theme Improvements

Improvements: Next On Deck

In the hopper

We are working on the following improvements:

  • Tools to check for broken links, spelling, accessibility, etc. (form web community workgroup to figure out?)
  • Circular text options with hover effects
  • FontAwesome 5
  • User-friendly way to incorporate icons
  • Field collections for hero images
  • Pull quotes
  • Photo galleries - additional options
  • Buttons consolidation/reduction
  • Revisit breadcrumbs and secondary navigation
  • Site grids
  • Standard elements
  • Content type: Blog
  • Content type: Magazine/Publication
  • Responsive Tables
  • Slider Styles: Overlay slider
  • Slider styles: Full-width hero slider 
  • Potential AHC news content type updates
  • Bios improvements

Share your ideas

We want to know what styles, features, functionality, and other changes you are looking for! 

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Process of continuous improvement

The web is constantly changing. The AHC web team strives to keep the tools we provide current and useful. Our goal is to create and support websites that meet audience needs and organizational goals, and follow web best practices and University standards. 

To continuously improve the tools we offer, we seek your feedback on what would be useful. We will roll out changes regularly based on what we hear from you, usability and accessibility needs, and web trends. Whenever we make an update, we will email the web community explaining what the change is, what to expect and/or instructions on how to use it, and support available.