Layouts control where content appears on your page. In Drupal, you can easily change the layout and move your existing content around. 

AHC layouts in Drupal

Each layout in AHC Drupal has Panels. Within each Panel can live multiple Panes, which actually contain the content. To access the panes, click on Customize Display.

In the Nokomis web theme, the default is a two-column layout, which includes navigation in the left third of the display.

Layout options include: 

Homepage or for pages without children

  • AHC Homepage Deluxe
  • AHC Interior Deluxe Flip
  • 1 column 
  • 1 column, 2 sub columns
  • 1 column, 3 sub columns
  • 2 column flip

Two column layouts

  • AHC Interior Deluxe
  • 2 column (default layout)
  • 2 columns, 2 sub columns
  • 2 columns, 3 sub columns

Three column layouts

  • 3 column 
  • 3 columns, 2 sub columns