FontAwesome (version 4.7.0) is a font now available on all AHC-supported Drupal websites. FontAwesome has more than 650 icons to choose from, ranging from charts/graphs, medical related, file types, and more.

FontAwesome icons can add visual flair to a page where no photos are readily available or may be inappropriate to use.

The full collection of icons available can be seen at

When using icons, it is important for accessibility and comprehension to include text that provides meaning. The icon cannot stand alone as a label.

One caveat to using FontAwesome is that the WYSIWYG editor must be set to HTML mode. If it is switched off of HTML mode, it will lose its formatting and the icons will be lost. Things to consider when using FontAwesome:

  • When you are in the WYSIWYG editor, it will all be HTML code. This can make it difficult to edit the content if you aren’t familiar with HTML.
  • When you hover over a link, it will show the node number rather than the page name.

Do this: text with icons

Raptor Center website using FontAwesome

Don't do this: icons without labels

Raptor Center website using FontAwesome without text underneath

Examples of FontAwesome on AHC sites:

FontAwesome on AHC site example

FontAwesome on AHC site example

FontAwesome on AHC site example