Adding Images

Add photos or image files

  1. Open the page or post you want to edit, and click on the area where you want a photo to appear in the body or sidebar.
  2. Click the “Add media” tool (landscape icon) in the top right. 
  3. Browse for and open your photo. Click “Next.”
  4. Fill in the “Alt Text” field. How would you briefly describe this photo to someone who can’t see the webpage? Keep your description short yet relevant.
  5. You may leave the other fields blank. Click “Save.”
  6. Leave the photo at its original size. Click “Submit.”
  7. Back in the web editing view, click on your photo and make sure that “Paragraph” and “Styles” appear in the default view of your editing menu. If not, click the “Remove formatting” tool (white eraser icon).
  8. Apply the image style that looks best with your layout.
  9. Click "Save."

Style your images

Overlay Captions

  1. Add an image to a page using the WYSIWYG editor, and on the same line (without hitting return), type your caption text
  2. Highlight the text and image
  3. Apply the size/placement style (example: Caption: Left - 50%)
  4. Carefully highlight just the caption text (not the image) and apply a caption overlay style