Adding Videos

Video storage tip

We strongly recommend housing your videos on YouTube or Vimeoversus uploading them directly to Drupal, since the latter requires significant time and space.

If you want to share with a select group of people, remember that you can make them private(viewers must have the password) or unlisted (viewers must have the direct link).

Learn how to request a video project

Follow these steps to embed/share videos on your Drupal website.

These instructions can be adapted to whatever hosting platform you’re using (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.), but we’ll keep it specific to YouTube, since that’s the University of Minnesota standard:

Get the YouTube video URL

  • Click the “Share” link under your YouTube video.YouTube share video dialog box
  • Copy the default URL provided in the expanded box (see image at right).

Add the video to a Drupal webpage

  • Open the webpage where you want to embed the video.
  • Click on Customize Display tab
  • Click on Content
  • Click on the left gear in the upper-left corner of the pane where you want to add the video
  • Click on "Add content"
  • Click on "Add video"
  • Click on "Browse" under video in the content settings section
  • Paste the YouTube URL into "File URL" field, and click “Next."
  • Scroll down to save.

Adding a YouTube video to your AHC Drupal website