Creating & Editing Content

Follow these steps to create or edit pages on your Drupal site.

Create new content

Go to: [YourSiteName] and enter your UMN x500 username and password:

  • Click on “Add content" (via your shortcuts and/or content editing view)
  • Select the content type appropriate for the information. Most often this will be "AHC content.” 
  • Enter the title of your page. 
  • Add some content within the Body field. 
  • Scroll down toward the bottom of your editing view... 
  • Under Menu Settings, check ”Provide a menu link” if this page should be included in the menu (sometimes referred to as the navigation).
  • Choose the appropriate level in the web hierarchy under ”Parent.” For details on how to change the order of menus, see Navigation Menus.
  • Under Publishing Options, select Draft, Needs Review, or Published, depending on your editorial process. Leave ”Create new revision” checked. 
  • Save your work, and voilà, your content is ready (or almost ready) for the world to see. 

Edit existing content

Need to make edits to existing content? Here's what you do:

  • Click on the "Edit Draft" tab and make your changes within the Body field.
    • If the text you want to edit doesn't appear in the body, click the "Customize Display" tab. Then click on "Content" and make your changes within the content settings field.
  • Scroll down and save.