Linking to webpages and documents

Please adhere to the following guidelines when linking to content on or outside of your website.

Link to webpages or documents on your site

Linkit button in Drupal WYSIWYG toolbarUse the LinkIt tool to link to any content within your website. This is the link icon with a green plus-sign toward the right side of your WSIWG editing bar.

Search for the content by typing the first part of the page title in your search bar, select the page, and Insert Link. Use this tool to link both pages and document or image files that live on your website.

Remove the document icon from a link

There are times when the document icon that automatically appears gets in the way of the look of the page. For example, when you link an image to a PDF document, you will likely want to remove the PDF icon that appears in front of the image. 


  1. Highlight the link
  2. In the styles drop-down, select "Link: Remove icon"

Link to webpages outside of yoursite

Highlight the text you want to link, and click the insert/edit link icon toward the left side of your WSIWG editing bar.

Anchor links

Anchor links enable you to link to a specific spot on a page, and can be helpful on lengthy pages when you want the user to be able to jump up or down quickly. See the Office of Information Technology's Using Anchors page for instructions.

Link styles

If you are calling out the link as an action (such as "Apply now"), be sure to apply the proper button or link style.

Add Links box

If you want to call attention to several links in one sidebar, you might find the "Add links" box useful.