Photo Galleries

AHC websites have several options for displaying their photos: a standard slider, spotlight slider, or Flickr gallery.

Standard slider

The AHC Slider is a standard slider that is best used for a homepage or areas of your site where you need 3-5 rotating images with text and links.

How to add new content to an AHC Slider

Examples of AHC Sliders:

Spotlight Slider

Spotlight sliders are best used for interior pages (not the homepage) and you have about 6-10 pictures with a caption or text description of the photo.

How to add a Spotlight Slider

  1. Open the page you want to edit, click the "Customize display" tab in the top right, and select the "Content" link. 
  2. Click the gear in the top left for the column you want the gallery to appear in and select "Add spotlight"
  3. Fill in the gallery's "Title" and "Pager Style". Optional: Set the "Slide Duration" if you want photos to display for shorter or longer than the default, which is approximately 4 seconds.
  4. Upload a picture and add some "Alt Text" that describes it. If you want a caption, fill in the slide's "Title" field. Repeat this process for as many slides as you need, clicking "Add Another Item" to insert new slides.
  5. Click "Save."

Examples of Spotlight Sliders:

Spotlight Slideshow Example

I am a Spotlight Slider

Switzerland landscape


Bosnia landscape


Istanbul landscape


Croatia landscape




Amsterdam canals


Estonia landscape



Flickr Gallery

Flickr is the best solution for displaying a large number of pictures, and when captions are not always available.

In some cases the user experience is different, depending on how the galleries are displayed on their sites. Some display options are shown below.

How to create a Flickr gallery

  1. Create a Flickr account (via Yahoo) under a central unit email address.
  2. Create an album and add the photos that you want displayed on the site.
  3. Send the AHC web team ( the embed code for the Flickr Gallery along with the link to the page you want it added to, so we can add it to your site.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Having more than one gallery on a page has some limitations. Our recommendation is to stick with using a single Flickr gallery.
  • Flickr also gives you the ability to link to a gallery, rather than embedding it on the page. This could be a good approach for past events, for example.

Flickr galleries on AHC sites

  • Program of Mortuary Science - Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you’ll see two galleries. Clicking on the photo opens up the Flickr galleries.
  • School of Nursing - The school uses Flickr frequently on their current, non-Drupal website and we will be using the galleries on their new site when it launches later this year.

Flickr Slideshow Example

Black & White