Who We Support

Academic Health Center (AHC) centers, institutes, programs, and offices are supported by the AHC central communications team. This means anything in the AHC that is not one of the six AHC schools and colleges. AHC central also covers initiatives, projects, and efforts that cut across the health sciences, such as the Health Sciences Education Center and Biomedical Discovery District, and groups like AHC Education Leaders Forum and AHC Faculty Consultative Committee (AHC-FCC).

Operations and leadership

  • Vice President for Health Sciences, Office of the
  • AHC Finance
  • AHC Giving
  • AHC Human Resources
  • AHC Information Systems (AHC-IS)
  • Facilities and Capital Planning, AHC Office of


  • AHC Operations Council
  • AHC Deans Council
  • AHC Education Leadership Forum (ELF)
  • AHC Faculty Consultative Committee (AHC-FCC)

Centers, institutes, offices

  • AHC Office of Education
    • 1Health
    • Active Learning
    • National Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education

  • AHC Office of Research
  • Genomics Center
  • Research Animal Resources
  • Research Services:
    • Advanced Research and Diagnostic Laboratory
    • Bioprinting Facility
    • Biosafety Level 3 Program
    • Cytokine Reference Laboratory
    • Flow Cytometry Resource
    • FV500 Confocal Microscopy
    • Integrative Biology and Physiology Phenotyping Cores
    • Mouse Genetic Laboratory
    • Translational Medicine, Center for
    • Molecular and Cellular Therapeutics

  • AHC Simulation Center / Interprofessional Education and Resource Center
  • Allied Health Programs, Center for
  • Bioethics, Center for
  • Clinical and Translational Science Institute
  • Community-University Health Care Center
  • Drug Design, Center for
  • Earl E. Bakken Center for Spirituality and Healing
  • Emergency Response, Office of
  • Excellence in Critical Care, Center for
  • Food Protection and Defense Institute
  • Global Health & Social Responsibility, Center for
  • Health Information Privacy & Compliance Office
  • Health Informatics, Institute for
  • Health Interprofessional Programs, Center for
  • Infectious Disease Research and Policy, Center for
  • Molecular Virology, Institute for
  • Masonic Cancer Center
  • Pre-Health Student Resources Center

AHC-wide initiatives and efforts (e.g., HSEC, BDD)