Delaware Clinical Research Unit (DCRU)

The Delaware Clinical Research Unit (DCRU) is an outpatient research facility for adults and children.

“Space-only” facility, managed by Research Building Management Services (RBMS).

DCRU is only available to investigators on a “space-only” basis, meaning that investigators must bring their own staff to assist with the protocols.

Existing budgets will be honored. The DCRU facility rate is $45.00 per hour and applies to new studies and/or "new arms" or extensions of existing studies that involve re-budgeting. Facility charges have not been finalized for all clinical research locations.

DCRU Operations

DCRU Operations

  • RBMS Clinic Coordinator: Manages the daily functional operations of DCRU, the facilities access, and equipment, to meet the needs of the study teams.

  • Scheduling: Study teams submit requests for service and schedule rooms through the CTR Portal scheduling system.

  • Staff and supplies: Investigators must bring their own staff and study supplies to assist with the protocols. Supply storage is available on-site and can be arranged through the Clinic Coordinator.

  • Oversight: Studies will be responsible for medical oversight of their studies.

  • Lab and equipment: The lab (centrifuges, pipettes, etc.) and EKG machine will be available for study teams to use. Research staff training on EKG/ECG will be facilitated.

  • Freezers: Short-term freezers will be available in the DCRU lab. Samples must be signed in and out.

  • Reception: Reception/check-in desk greets participants and informs study coordinators of their arrivial.

  • Parking: The parking process—including free parking for participants—can be requested through the CTR Portal and mananaged by the RBMS Clinic Coordinator.

Should you have questions, please direct them to Maddie Squier and Erin Plesha-

Delaware Clinical Research Unit (DCRU)Features

  • 10 exam rooms
  • 1 pediatric exam room
  • 4 consultation rooms
  • 2 specialized rooms
  • Specimen collection room
  • Processing laboratory
  • Large conference room for group classes or interventions
  • Investigator/study staff work space

For tests of vascular structure (i.e., intima-media thickness, etc.) and function (flow-mediated dilation, compliance, etc.), heart rate variability, and exercise testing needs, please contact Dr. Don Dengel at or 612-626-9701.

For the use of the Non-Invasive Neuromodulation Lab (NNL) and equipment , please contact Dr. Mo Chen, Manager, Non-invasive Neuromodulation Laboratory, MnDRIVE Brain Conditions, at or 612-624-5220.

For the use of iDXA and PQCT equipment, please contact Cameron Naughton, Associate Director of the Center for Pediatric Obesity Medicine at, or 612-625-3623.



717 Delaware Street S.E.
Room 205
Minneapolis, MN 55414

Free parking is available next to the building.

Contact and hours

Mondays through Fridays