Masonic Clinical Research Unit (MCRU)

The Masonic Clinical Research Unit (MCRU) is now closed.

Masonic Memorial Building (MMB) For investigators with studies at MCRU

If you had been using MCRU to conduct your clinical trial(s), please work with the Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) to determine which of the following facilities participant visits should be redirected to:

Existing quotes and budgets

Existing quotes and budgets

If you had been utilizing MCRU on a “space-only" basis with your study staff performing clinical procedures, the pricing quoted for a study had been previously budgeted and is currently underway be honored. This means that M Health CRU clinic charges will not be charged to your study (for studies which previously had study staff performing clinic procedures). 

Temporary bridge solutions

Temporary bridge solutions

Efforts are underway to find additional solutions for studies that need clinical services outside of the M Health CRU. Temporary bridge solutions identified include: 

  • CTSI will provide short-term clinical assistance to help investigators make this transition. CTSI has contracted for limited RN support for a six-month period. Please contact Brenda Prich at to explore if this might be an option for your study and to learn how to reserve time.   

  • Temporary Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) coverage will be available in DCRU, though it will be phased out by mid-May 2018. The need for this assistance must be scheduled in advance in the scheduling system through the CTR Portal—both by scheduling the visit in the necessary room and also by scheduling the resource called "Staff Support" to ensure we are aware that assistance is needed.

  • This transitional support is limited to studies that have previously requested and been approved to use CTSI’s Clinical Research Facilities and Support (MCRU or DCRU). Studies must ensure that the appropriate protocol training has been provided, that staff have access to the current research protocol, source documents prepared using the Clinical Research Implementation Services (CRIS) template are provided in advance, and that the study investigator provides the appropriate medical and quality oversight per ICH Good Clinical Practice Guidelines.

  • As mentioned, these resources are limited and there are no back-up resources. In the case of illness or other unanticipated absence, you will be notified as soon as possible so that you can make appropriate arrangements for your scheduled appointment (i.e. participant communication, alternate arrangements, rescheduling your appointment).

  • The Center for Magnetic Resonance Research (CMRR) has resources that can assist with IV placement, phlebotomy and vital signs for participants in the CMRR.  Please contact Erik Solheid at for more information and to discuss your study needs.

  • Blood draws can be conducted at the M Health CRU or the Clinics and Surgery Center, as needed.

  • CTSI’s Workforce Development Program is offering training for research study staff in DCRU to learn skills needed in the areas of phlebotomy, vital signs, and EKG/ECG. View details and request training.

Why MCRU was closed

MCRU was vacated in November 2017 to make room for a new Health Sciences Education Center (HSEC), which will eventually occupy the current site of the Masonic Memorial Building (MMB) and the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) research building.

The Minnesota Legislature and the University of Minnesota are bonding the center, and construction will begin soon.


Tim Schacker: or 612-624-9955

Lisa Johnson: or 612-624-9159

Brenda Prich: or 612-625-2723