Classroom Technology

Some of our rooms are technology rich with wireless microphones, laser projectors, and videoconference units, while other rooms only have tables and chairs.

Let us help you find the right room for your needs.

AV Presentations

AV Presentations

Many of our rooms have built-in projectors with input cables at the podium or the front of the room, as well as room speakers for computer audio. You can request a portable projector and speakers for use in rooms with no built-in technology.

To view classrooms and their technology, visit our classrooms section.

Please tell us your event’s technology details using the AV Tech Needs Form after you receive your room reservation.

Here is a video tutorial for using the control panel in our large classrooms

Mediasite & Lecture Capture Recording

Mediasite & Lecture Capture Recording

We can record and livestream your lecture using Mediasite technology. It will capture video of the podium area, audio, and projected content such as a PowerPoint presentation. We can simultaneously record and livestream your event to a public or password-protected URL, or we can simply record for on-demand viewing after the event is over. Mediasite will start and stop based on your requested times. There is no on-site staff to manage the service except to troubleshoot.

Mediasite rooms

  • Moos Towers 2-530, 2-620, 2-650, & 2-690
  • Phillips-Wangensteen 2-470
  • Pomeroy 215
  • Animal Science Veterinary Medicine (ASVM 125 and 135)

Other rooms are possible with our portable Mediasite unit.

Request a Mediasite recording/livestream after confirming your room reservation at least two days in advanced via Mediasite Request Form.

Other recordings

Many of our rooms have audio and video outputs that allow users to bring their own recording solutions. Please fill out the AV Tech Needs Form to let us know what your recording needs are.


WebEx & Streaming

WebEx & Streaming

You can host a WebEx session (or any other kind of livestreaming service) out of any of our rooms if you provide your own computer, camera, and mics.  But, to use the in-room audio and video equipment, you will need to coordinate with our office, by completing the AV Tech Needs Form at least two days in advanced.

Streaming-Friendly Rooms

You can use the mics, camera, and computer in the rooms listed below to host your own livestreaming session.

You can use the built-in mics and the room computer in the rooms listed below to host a session. If you want to use the rooms' camera, you will need an RCA-to-USB converter. We can provide you with one. 

You can use the built-in mics with your computer in the rooms listed below if you have an RCA-to-USB converter. We can provide you with one.

And finally, for the following rooms, a one-way streaming session (no two-way audio from online participants) is possible. But it will require extra set-up by our staff.

For assistance starting or preparing for your livestreaming session, fill out the AV Tech Needs Form at least two days in advanced after receiving your room reservation.

If you need onsite staff to manage your session, contact OIT at or Audio Visual & Video Recording (AVVR).

Here's a video tutorial for hosting your own WebEx session in one of our classrooms that has an AV Bridge in-line (Jackson 2-137, Mayo Aud, Mayo 3-100, NHH 2-101)


Classroom Services Help

Call (612) 626-7800

  • Option 1 for help with AV technology.
  • Option 2 for help scheduling a room.

Support Hours: 7am - 4:30pm  Weekdays | After hours, leave a message.

We can be reached by email at

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