Classroom Technology

Here's a guide to the technology available in our rooms.


I need to give a presentation.

I need to give a presentation.

Most classrooms have built-in projectors or displays to show content from laptop cables at the podium or the front of the room, as well as room speakers for computer audio. There are a variety of methods for presenting in these spaces: 

  • Podium PC - see classroom section for rooms with a dedicated podium computer

  • HDMI Cable input

  • Solstice Wireless Presentation App

Solstice Wireless Presentation Technology - In many spaces, you now have the ability to present wirelessly. Mersive Solstice Pod and the Solstice App allow any device to connect and share content to a projector or display. We recommend downloading the Solstice App before the start of your course or event to be best prepared.

To view classrooms and their technology, visit our classrooms section.

Please tell us your event’s technology details using the AV Tech Needs Form after you receive your room reservation.

Here is a video tutorial for using the control panel in our large classrooms

I need to record my course/event.

I need to record my course/event.

Automated Classroom Recordings

Requesting Recording Service

To request recording service when you request a room, check the Classroom Recording box (and provide a UMN Internet ID). After receiving your room confirmation PDF, you can provide details of your tech needs via AV Needs Request Form. Please note: HSCS only facilitates recordings. Faculty or staff will need to manage the content. This is typically done in Mediaspace.

Live Streaming

Live Streaming is also possible through Mediaspace or a YouTube channel that is set up to do so. Consult with our Service Coordinator, V. Paul Virtucio 

Ad Hoc Recordings

Record-Ready rooms in HSEC have the ability for anyone to start a recording from the podium touch panel. Enter a UMN Internet ID, a recording duration, and hit record. Once uploaded, the recording will show up in your UMN Mediaspace “My Media” tab.

Recording in rooms that are not set up to automatically record is possible, inquire for more information. Consult with our Service Coordinator, V. Paul Virtucio (


Recording Using Zoom

You can use Zoom to record your course or event. See a list of Zoom-capable rooms here. Please note zoom recordings are typically recorded to a computer for Health Sciences users  (your laptop or a classroom podium PC). Once the recording is complete, users need to manually upload the recordings to Mediaspace.


I need to use Zoom in a classroom.

I need to use Zoom in a classroom.

Room users can join Zoom from any of our classrooms if they're just watching a session and using the chat box. Room users that want to participate in a Zoom with their own computer, camera, and mics can also use any of our classrooms.

Room users who want to use the classroom's AV system for Zoom can choose from the list below for Zoom-capable rooms.

  • HSEC 2-101A, 2-101B, 2-110, 2-132, 2-138, 3-110, 3-150, 4-101, 4-103, 4-105, 4-107, 4-191, 4-193, 5-191, 5-193, 7-150, 7-152
  • Jackson Hall 2-137
  • Mayo Auditorium & 3-100
  • Moos Towers 2-520 & 2-650
  • Nils Hasselmo 2-101
  • PWB 2-350, 2-360, 2-362, 2-364, 2-366, 3-102, 3-150, 3-152, 3-154, & 3-156

You can use the built-in mics and the room computer in the rooms listed below to host a session. If you want to use the rooms' camera, you will need an RCA-to-USB converter. We can provide you with one. 

You can use the built-in mics with your computer in the rooms listed below if you have an RCA-to-USB converter. We can provide you with one.

For assistance starting or preparing for your livestreaming session, contact our service coordinator V. Paul V. at and fill out the AV Tech Needs Form at least two days in advanced after receiving your room reservation.

If you need onsite staff to manage your session, contact OIT at or Audio Visual & Video Recording (AVVR).

Here's a video tutorial for using Zoom in the HSEC building: 

Here's a video tutorial for hosting your own Zoom session in one of our classrooms that has an AV Bridge in-line (Jackson 2-137, Mayo Aud, Mayo 3-100, NHH 2-101)


I need traditional videoconferencing.

I need traditional videoconferencing.

Room users who need to connect from the Twin Cities campus to another site's videoconferencing room using traditional room-based systems have these classrooms to choose from:

  • HSEC 2-110, 2-132, & 2-138
  • Mayo Auditorium, 3-100, & D325
  • Moos 1-450, 1-451, and 5-125

We would need to know the IP address or SIP address of the site we're calling. We provide staffing for academic courses that use videoconferencing, and at times, we can also staff departmental events if capacity allows. Otherwise, we will provide training to an event organizer to manage the videoconference connection.

Classroom Services Help

Call (612) 626-7800

  • Option 1 for help with AV technology.
  • Option 2 for help scheduling a room.

Support Hours: 7am - 4:30pm  Weekdays | After hours, leave a message.

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