Classroom Recording

Health Sciences Classroom Services provides thousands of hours of recording services in our classroom spaces each year. Your options for recording a course, meeting or event are changing. 
If you've used Mediasite in the past, that will still be an option for 2019-2020 academic year. Please request the recording service via our AV Needs Form once you have your Astra Confirmation number or consult with our Service Coordinator about your Classroom Recording Options.
Please see our Classroom Technology > MEDIASITE & LECTURE CAPTURE RECORDING page to find out more about our current record-ready rooms and how to request.

Evaluating Recording Hardware Options for Departmental use with a Centrally-Managed Kaltura Video Platform 

April 2019

Scope and Objective:

Health SciencesClassroom Services has been providing health sciences classroom recording for about 10
years using Sonic Foundry Mediasite, a stand-alone closed ecosystem recording, streaming
and archiving solution. UMN-IT is now providing Kaltura as a video management tool for the
whole university to publish, store and distribute video content. Our office wanted to see if we
could align our recording services with this new central tool, and what that would mean for our
current workflow, hardware costs, and overall UMN Classroom Recording landscape. We
investigated four hardware manufacturers offerings and how they connect to our central
systems and local processes.

Findings and recommendations:

Each evaluation unit provided quality recordings that work well in Kaltura's dynamic
multiple-layout and playback speed format. The differentiating factors were in how scheduling
was handled and how content gets sorted and distributed once published to Kaltura. Because
we’re moving away from an all-in-one recording/publishing/distribution ecosystem with
Mediasite, the ways each manufacturer took in and passed information through from one step in
the process to the next was crucial for a sustainable classroom recording system.
We were able to replicate our current workflow successfully with one manufacturer in particular,
Winnov. The other manufacturers could work in less demanding scheduling requirements from a
given department.

Download the full report below.

PDF icon 190418_2019_classroom_recording_hardware_evaluation_summary.pdf