Computer-based Testing & Training

Location, capacity and equipment

Diehl Hall 535

  • Testing Capacity is 45

Please inquire if additional private testing or overflow is required.


  • 45 desktop computers with full Windows install
  • All testing computers use a wired Ethernet connection
  • Proctors and presenters will need to provide their own laptops if testing or training attendance is at capacity
  • We no longer support Apple OS testing platforms


Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Not available for weekend access

Scheduling and support

Scheduling: 612-626-7800

Tech support: 612-626-7800

Email with any questions or requests 


There are no charges for access, usage or tech support for University programs.

Event set up

Requests for set up time should be included in room reservation request. Setting up and reserving additional equipment and furniture are the user’s responsibilities. We may be able to offer scheduled set-up support if requested two weeks in advance.

Tech support

We offer equipment orientations to all new users. We are on call during events; typically we can be on site within 5 minutes for any equipment issues that may arise.

Software installation and testing browser downloads

Must be requested at least two weeks in advance. Please make note of testing platform and needs at the time of the request. Requestor must provide download URL and necessary licenses. 

Exam compatibility testing and certification

Must be requested at least two weeks in advance. We will assist proctors with certifications. They will need to supply URL and exam ticket number. Use is contingent on compatibility; we cannot alter our computer image to accommodate compatibility requirements. 


Any downloaded files or programs will be removed immediately after the event. If admin rights are required to download a program, we need to be notified two weeks in advance and supplied with URL and necessary licences.

Using outside computers

Departmentally supplied computers - must supported solely by departmental tech staff prior to and during event. Any software installations or certifications are departmental responsibility. We cannot certify, support, troubleshoot, guarantee or alter in any way.

Student laptops - we can offer minimal troubleshooting during exams. We make no guarantees on our ability to support their performance. We recommend consulting with departmental tech support to determine whether they are properly configured prior to test day. Any performance issues, software installations or certifications are departmental responsibility. 


Should arrange for an equipment orientation prior to use and must be present during exam. It will be their responsibility to establish contact and support from online exam sites (NBME support, moodle technologist, ATI support, etc)


Diehl 535 remains locked unless scheduled. It cannot be used unless scheduled. We are not responsible for any equipment or personal items left in the room. We may grant permission to set up additional equipment, but will not guarantee the security of any stored equipment. HSCS is not responsible for lost or stolen items. 


The 5th floor of Diehl Hall is a quiet work area - please keep cell phones silent, voices low and conversations to a minimum in the 5th floor hallways. Please stay out of employee breakroom and offices. All amenities (coffee, tea, snacks. etc.) in the breakroom are for Program in the History of Medicine employees only.

Appropriate use of computer lab hardware and software. Violations include but are not limited to:

  • Disconnecting, reconnecting, or reconfiguring hardware.
  • Copying software that is copyrighted or otherwise restricted.
  • Removing, changing, or reconfiguring files on lab disks including hard drives.
  • Damaging or removing any property from the lab.
  • Using software that interferes with lab operations and with other lab users.
  • The generation, display or printing of offensive material as covered by the University's policy on equal opportunity and non-discrimination, including sexually or racially offensive or harassing material