Virtual Tours

Health Sciences Education Center classrooms

Our new classrooms in the HSEC building focus on active learning-style teaching and increase opportunities for collaboration among learners. They are distance learning-capable. Our large rooms have built-in classroom recorders with livestream capabilities. All classrooms and study spaces have wireless presentation devices to make collaboration easier with content on displays.  

  • ALC #1 ITV Classroom -- HSEC 2-110 -- a 135-seat ALC videoconference classroom.
  • ALC #2 ITV Divisible Classrooms -- HSEC 2-132 and 2-138 -- a 144-seat ALC videoconference classroom that can be divided into two separate roooms.
  • ALC #4 Skills Classroom -- PWB 3-150, 3-152, 3-154, and 3-156 -- four 32-seat flexible layout classrooms, that can combine into two 64-seat rooms.
  • Collaboration Classroom -- HSEC 3-110 -- a 144-seat ALC-style classroom with three-tiers to support small group work.
  • Team Based Learning Classroom -- HSEC 3-150 -- a 200-seat U-shaped auditorium that supports small group work.
  • ALC 7th Floor Event -- HSEC 7-150 and 7-152 -- a 256- seat flexible layout classroom that can be divided into two 125-seat rooms.
  • 16-seat Seminar Rooms -- PWB 2-350, PWB 2-360, PWB 2-362, PWB 2-364, PWB 2-366, HSEC 2-101 A, HSEC 2-101 B, HSEC, 4-101, HSEC 4-103, HSEC 4-105, HSEC 4-107, HSEC 4-191, HSEC 4-193, HSEC 5-191, and HSEC 5-193 -- small classrooms that vary between flexible layout, fixed layout, combinable, single-screen and dual screen
  • Small Conference Room -- PWB 3-102 -- a 10-person distance-learning conference room

Five years in the making, the Health Sciences Education Center is ready to welcome students, faculty, and community members into its spaces. HS Classroom Services and our partners are excited to provide the rooms and services for your courses and events. 

People responsible for shepherding HSEC project in early days
HSCS staff tour HSEC mid-construction
HSCS staff tour HSEC mid-construction
HSEC 3rd from 4th Mezzanine mid-construction
Medical School Tour mid-installation
HSCS with Sextant and Tierney