Astra instructions

Follow these instructions to access the schedule of Health Sciences Classroom Services classrooms on the Astra Scheduling Grid.

You are not required to log in with your x.500 to view the Astra calendars.

  • Select the “CALENDARS” tab in the top left corner of your screen
  • Select “Scheduling Grids”
  • On the top right corner, click the calendar drop-down menu and select “Twin Cities Department Rooms”
  • On the top right corner, the filter should default to "AHC Classroom Services" and if it hasn't, select it
  • Input date you want to view
  • Scroll down through the calendar of health sciences classrooms within the time frame you’d like to view

After you have confirmed that a room is available for your event, submit an event request through the Astra Scheduling Grid. For more information, go back to the "Schedule an event" page.