Project Planning & Programming

Capital project planning and programming is a vital service provided by the Academic Health Center (AHC) Office of Facilities and Capital Planning. Our planners bring a wide range of skills and expertise in planning and developing capital projects. Planners work with project managers from Capital Planning and Project Management (CPPM) and U Construction along with user representatives on all stages of the capital planning and project delivery process. The planner acts as a bridge between user needs and capital project delivery procedures at the University, assuring that capital investments are delivered in effective and efficient ways.

The AHC Office of Facilities also assists in the development of the annual capital budget and the University’s six year capital plan. Projects allowed into each plan are first initiated during the annual academic compact planning process. Where these priorities require capital investment, our office is asked to determine the facility program needed and estimated cost. This assessment, called a capital project predesign, is completed in partnership with a project manager from CPPM.

Current projects are listed in the AHC Capital Project Report. The AHC Historical Project Report lists projects completed in the last five years. 

Projects follow a consistent project process that takes projects from the earliest planning stages, to the project request through Capital Planning and Project Managementand on through programming, design, construction, and occupancy.