Space Management

Space request process

For spaces that are not clinic-related:

Space request form

Space release form

For spaces that are clinic-related:

Space request form (clinic-related)

Minnesota Health Policy and Procedure

Health Sciences Facilities Planning provides space planning, reporting and analysis services to health sciences schools, colleges, departments and programs. 

Space planning

Health Sciences Facilities Planning works closely with units to ensure their assigned space is meeting their needs. Recommendations may include better use of existing inventory, reprogramming current space, or acquiring new space. The goal of every planning effort is to optimize our capital resources through more efficient space utilization and greater collaboration between schools and interdisciplinary units. This includes research core facilities, teaching, administrative, conference and student centered amenities spaces.


The University’s Office of Space Management maintains the system known as U-Space which is the backbone information for both institutional and localized reporting of space data. Our office works with the health sciences Departmental Space Coordinators in providing and maintaining up-to-date space, researcher and occupancy information to the U-Space system.


We work closely with the health sciences units to provide the resources and analysis to support space assignments both within each school and across the health sciences. A space analysis can include fit studies, occupancy and utilization reviews, as well as best and highest use assignment options for certain types of spaces or locations across a school, department or the whole of the health sciences.