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DCRU Clinic Coordinator


The Delaware Clinic Manager interfaces directly with those researchers using the RBMS clinical facilities at 717 Delaware to understand what each study may need from the space. The Clinic Manager also ensures all study staff and participants are given necessary access to the spaces reserved and coordinates the timetable for the clinic space so that each study has its needs met. 

Christopher Holly
Building Coordinator


Nils Hasselmo Hall (NHH) and Jackson Hall (JacH)

Karen Kelley
Building Coordinator


717 Delaware (717) and 5th Floor Moos Tower

Daryl Lawrence
Portfolio Manager


The Portfolio Manager supervises the Building Coordinators and ensures consistency and comparability of service across all RBMS facilities. Through team development and regular meetings, the Portfolio Manager checks in with all areas to mitigate issues and proactively approach customer service for all building occupants. In addition, the Portfolio Manager manages relationships with campus partners to ensure appropriate responses and reactions to matters in RBMS facilities.

Ashley McIntosh
Building Coordinator


Molecular Cellular Biology (MCB) and Masonic Cancer Research Building (MCRB)

Cheryl Miller
Operations Manager


The Operations Manager reviews and evaluates day to day procedures to streamline RBMS processes for efficiency and customer service. This role identifies areas for improvement and, through collaborations with internal and external partners, recommends solutions and best practices as it relates to security of the buildings, equipment maintenance, and training of RBMS staff. This role is also responsible for defining the scope of complex projects and formulating a plan that works to mitigate risk to buildings, research, and security of the RBMS portfolio.

Erin Plesha
Event & Student Administration Manager


As Event & Student Administration Manager, Erin is responsible for all event planning and coordination involving RBMS assets, and for conference room scheduling, in all RBMS buildings. She also trains and supervises student information desk employees.

Madeline Squier
Building Coordinator


Lions Research Building/McGuire Translational Research Facility (LRB/MTRF) and Wallin Medical Biosciences Building (WMBB)

Paul Wright
Manager of Research Building Management Services


The RBMS Manager is the head of the department and is responsible for ensuring quality service to all within RBMS facilities, including financial decisions and strategic focus. This individual develops key partnerships across campus that can be leveraged for the benefit of those within RBMS facilities. The RBMS Manager also participates in various university committees to advocate for the needs of researchers and clinicians with the RBMS building portfolio. 

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