Recruitment Services

AHC Central Recruiters routinely partner with local HR representatives to: 

  • Increase diversity in recruitment and selection processes
  • Develop recruitment strategies for hard-to-fill and mission critical position
  • Source applicants
  • Build candidate pipelines
  • Analyze data to identify issues and educate recruitment and sourcing decisions
  • Develop selection processes
  • Develop strategies for high volume postings

For assistance with any of these valuable recruiting services please reach out to your local HR representative who will in turn partner with the AHC HR Recruiting Team.

Advertising on Linked In:

With the goal of further supporting our strategic recruitment efforts, the AHC HR team has made an investment in a LinkedIn account (along with O.I.T. and O.H.R.).  From this investment, the AHC and its strategic partners will greatly benefit in the form of reduced rates for sponsored advertsing, as well as the ability to source both active and passive applicants.

The AHC will have three dedicated advertising slots.  A department is still able to directly advertise with LinkedIn, but using our AHC account will offer a greatly reduced rate; approximately $75/week.  We are anticipating that these slots will be in very high demand and will respond to requests on a first come first serve basis.  Please reach out to your AHC Central Recruiter for assistance or with any questions.

Advertising on MN Council of Non-Profits:

In addition to our account with LinkedIn we have invested in a membership with the MN Council of Non-Profits.  The goal here is to primarily recruit for hard-to-fill positions while supporting the University's diversity goals and initiatives.  Again, this membership allows us the greatly reduced cost per posting of $25; with no specified time limits on the duration of the sponsored advertising.  Please reach out to your AHC Central Recruiter for assistance or with any questions.