Promote an Event

There are a number of ways to publicize your event within the University and with the greater Twin Cities community.

General tips

Plan ahead. It can take several weeks to get events posted on community and media calendars. Be sure to start planning your promotions at least three months in advance.

Consider your audience. What information will they need? Is your event designed to appeal to students? If it is intended for the people outside the University, include links to mapsparking information and disability access.

Health Sciences Events Calendar

Add your events to both the U Events Calendar and Health Sciences Events Calendar at one time:

  1. Go to
  2. Select "MyAccount" and login 
  3. Select "Create an event"
  4. Fill in the form. Don't forget to complete event category and subcategory, presentation type, campus, and college/school.
  5. The most important step: Add "ahc-events" to section 5, Keywords and Filters. It needs to appear exactly as it appears below—lower case, separated by a hyphen (-) and "events" needs to be plural. By adding this tag to your event it will also show up on the health sciences calendar. 
  6. When you save your event, it will appear both on the main University of Minnesota events calendar and the health sciences events calendar.


Events calendar support

The Health Sciences Events Calendar uses the central University of Minnesota calendar tool and is supported by a central team.

Health Sciences Events Calendar overview

Social media

  • Post on Facebook and Twitter. If your unit is not on social media, ask your school to post on your behalf, using their account (Medical School, College of Veterinary Medicine, etc.). Find your college/school contact.
  • Find new ways to post about the upcoming event so followers don’t read the same exact post twice. Do not overwhelm followers with invitations, but make sure to give them short updates to create interest.
  • Consider creating a #HashTag for your event, and promote that #HashTag at the event in the program, poster, or opening remarks


  • Post the event on your unit’s website. Many AHC websites have a section for events. 
  • Include all of the event details: a brief summary of the event, date, time, location, RSVP if required, cost, map, and parking and disability access information. Find your web point person.
  • If events are not on your home page or main page of your section, you can feature them with announcements or on a slider by adding a short sentence with a link to more information. Be sure to remove event information when the event is over.
  • Submit to be featured on the AHC Resource Hub rotating announcements

U of M announcements

There are several outlets to share information about events to a University audience. If you would like to request your event be included in one of these outlets, do not just send a flier. Rather, take time to write a brief description (50 words or less) and include a link to your website for full details.

Here’s an example of an appropriate, brief event announcement:

Join Dean Jakub Tolar for the State of the Medical School on Tuesday, January 27, 2019, from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. in Mayo Auditorium. Details here. (add hyperlink)

Send your event with a brief description (50 words or less) and link to your website for full details to:


  • Design a poster yourself using Word, InDesign, Publisher, etc. Be mindful of margins and bleed (color will not print past .25” on most in-office printers)
  • Include relevant information on the poster (who, what, when, where, RSVP information, speaker photo or relevant event images, unit logo)
  • Or, contact the Printing Services for assistance with marketing materials
  • Print your posters with Printing Services or a nearby Digital Print Center
  • Distribute posters on campus. 


  • Find relevant groups on campus, and request time to promote your event in-person to these groups
  • Ask faculty members and instructors to announce to their classes; provide them with a short announcement and flyers they can hand out in class.