Application Development, Systems Integration, and Academic Technology Support


Academic Technology Support 

Peg Sherven,

Application Development 

Dentistry, Nursing, Pharmacy, Veterinary Medicine, and other Health Sciences department and units:
Gyu Kwon,

Medical School, Public Health, and other Health Sciences department and units:
Barbara Smith,

Application Development and Systems Integration

The Application Development teams develop and support database-driven web applications for non-research related aspects of the Health Sciences including academic and administrative activities.

The group has developed over 150 applications including student tracking, admissions, and other academic-related functionality, reporting of faculty and staff, financial tracking and reporting applications. 

This group also works with Health Science units to integrate university-wide systems with custom solutions and/or vendor software.

Academic Technology support

HST provides support for academic technologists and instructional designers throughout the HST. The overall goals of this role are:

  • to advance academic technology at the University by advocating on behalf of the academic technologists within the Health Science schools.

  • to provide a central point of collaboration on academic technology efforts and expenditures.

  • to ensure enterprise academic technology resources are used to the fullest extent possible by programs and colleges within the Health Science schools.